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Adding Value to Your Home with Kitchen and Bathroom Remodels

Homeowners considering a remodel are faced with a lot of choices. Hardwood or carpet? Ceramic or porcelain tile? Modern or rustic? One of the biggest things to consider is how a renovation will impact the overall value of your home. There are two rooms where you will get a lot of bang for your renovation bucks.

Getting a new kitchen

The kitchen is considered the heart of the home and potential buyers often love to see extra features and finishes in this important room. High end appliances that are efficiently placed for good workflow will attract buyers to a gourmet kitchen. On-trend countertops are another place where an extra investment will pay off in the overall appeal of the kitchen. Buyers also like to see cabinet and storage space, so any opportunities to add extra storage can be a great use of a renovation budget.

Bathroom upgrades

Whether it’s a half bath powder room or a master bathroom retreat, spending money on a bathroom renovation can pay off when it comes to selling your home. Investing in luxury finishes can mean a higher sales price or more interest when it comes time to sell your home. Because bathrooms tend to be smaller rooms, it is often more affordable to use things like high end tile, since the overall amount needed is less. If you have the opportunity to add square footage to bathrooms, that can be a great way to make the entire room feel extra luxuriant.

Renovations are ultimately for the homeowner, so follow your own tastes and preferences when planning out big projects like these. But if you are renovating with resale value in mind, you can get the most bang for your buck by focusing on the kitchen and bathrooms.

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