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“Don’t attempt to obtain a mortgage without a reputable, competent mortgage broker like ASAP Mortgage.  I know you may be tempted to go to your hometown bank where you have your savings account, but as much as you think the bank is your friend, they will not be your advocate when it comes down to lending their money.  When there is an issue with your credit, a problem with your paperwork, title, etc. ASAP Mortgage will be there to help you.  Your hometown bank will just deny you and leave you stranded and in a position to lose your dream home. ASAP Mortgage will guide you through the process and find a lender that will approve you – and guarantee that approval.  If something goes wrong, they will switch you to a different lender.  They have a network of lenders that fit any situation.  They will see you through the process from start to finish.  They receive wholesale rates… rates you won’t be able to get at a retail lender.  Their fees are less than what you would pay at a retail bank.  Give ASAP a call…Ask for Nancy.  You will be glad you did” – Edward Rowe, 2021

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