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November Home Checklist

November is a great time to prepare for your fall & winter home maintenance. Here are some suggestions to assist you.

    1. Protect your home from unwanted critters. Because of cooler temperatures they’re heading into warm homes and hiding out where they can.  Bugs and pests are known to head indoors too. Make sure to screen attic vents, check openings to chimneys and seal cracks.
    2. Check your smoke alarms & CO2 detectors. Be sure to test your smoke alarms and CO2 detectors. Change batteries or replace completely if past the expiration date that is printed on the bottom of the detector.
    3. Replace your weather stripping. By doing this it will save you from losing heat through doors and windows saving you hundreds of dollars on electric heat or oil.
    4. Clean your air vents and ducts.  Dirt migrates in vent covers and ducts and becomes a breeding ground for all types of dust mites. This is perfect time to do this before you turn the heat on.
    5. Winterize your AC units or remove your window units for the season. By protecting your AC unit you will have a solid well running unit for years. For those with window units, by taking them out it will protect the unit from the elements and save you money on your heating bills.
    6. Check exterior stairs and railings. Inspect your stairs for stability making sure they will withstand the upcoming snow and ice. Check your handrailings are secure and safe.
    7. Service your snow blower, replace broken shovels, stock up on ice melt. Yes, it is coming unfortunately, by doing these things prior to any large snow storms will ensure you are prepared with no last minute surprises.
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