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First Impressions Start With Your Yard

Selling your home is no easy task. Even with a professional guiding you, there are dozens of tasks that need to be implemented around the same time.

While there is no specific order, improving the look of your yard should be at the top of the list. After all, your yard is the first impression potential buyers have of your property.

Home shoppers will be driving by as soon as they know the house is for sale, so be sure to have your lawn cleaned up and the grass mowed a few days before your agent puts it on the MLS. There is no excuse for clutter of any kind. Get rid of everything that doesn’t have roots. Eliminate toys, tools, pet dishes, bikes, trash cans; pull all weeds.

Be unforgiving when it comes to yard plants. If they aren’t healthy and beautiful, pull them out. To make your lawn look especially fresh and green, turn your sprinkler on for about 20 minutes every morning to give your lawn a luscious look to those driving by later in the day.

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