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Real Estate Corner with Irene Amato

There is no end to the amount of knowledge the human mind can soak up!

Home buying education never gets old. You could do a real estate transaction every few years and yet one transaction can be completely different from another. Times change, programs come and go and they were new rules and regulations that going to affect every year. Whether you’re purchasing your first home or you’re onto your investment property you need to stay on top of education in the real estate industry so you can protect your investment!

Well it’s great to hire a powerful team to guide you through the process it’s important that you educate yourself along the way and fully understand the process. The past few months I have written this column in the hopes to educate consumers. I hope that each week you took away from these articles tips to strengthen your knowledge in the real estate industry. Please feel free to follow us @asapMortgage on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook for daily financing and real estate tips. You can always reach me on the ASAP hotline 1-866-THINK-ASAP. Purchasing a home is one of the largest financial decisions of a lifetime. Don’t just trust that to anyone. Hire the right team, ask questions until you fully understand the process.

True professionals will never say never when it comes to homeownership. If you have bad credit, no credit, less than 20% down, or anything that you feel is hindering you from obtaining mortgage financing and the American dream of homeownership, Educate yourself and put a game plan together to set yourself on that path of homeownership in the future!

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